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The most popular type of scam when scammer sends to you a few regular letters , after your answer (your lady) tries to keep up a regular correspondence, without any concrete information, as soon as scammer understands that she's attracted your attention she starts to ask to cover her expenses. it's could be many reasons why your favorite needs to pay for to keep in touch with you, for example she has to pay for internet , foreign language courses, or her laptop is broken and you can help to buy a new one, so she can freely continue the correspondence with you. You even can get a letter from her agency telling you that: "We would like to inform you that we have stopped your correspondence with Miss (scammer name). We apologize for this situation! As you know Miss (scammer name) is our client, yesterday the balance on her account ended. As she is not able to refresh it we have to stop our cooperation. But if you wish to help your lady, we can send you our price-list."

As you've already catched by (scamer name), she can tell you a few more stories about her problems( lost her salary, money stolen, car is broken , to pay the rent or to pay hotel bill, to buy a return ticket home from another city/country, etc.). of course while you are sending your money for her, she is always available for you, but unfortunately as soon as you stop the scammer disappears.

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