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One more type of scam when scammer plays with your feelings and willingness, generally spending a lot of time for to gain the trust.

Certainly its not enough to send just a few regular letters, thats why after casual correspondence lady is going to make you feel special. She starts to write more romantic letters then it was before, she gives to you all what you want. Of course it ll continue until you are ready to pay. Once the scammer feels that she can use your trust you ll receive a letter where you can find a good news,for example she has an opportunity to visit you. Your dreams came true and the only thing you need to do is help her to buy a tickets. You're exciting and you're ready to pay.

After you send some money for ticket, she ll ask you something else. For sure her foreign passport will soon expire and she doesn't have insurance, so it takes more money than she had supposed. It ll be going in this way before you stop and realize that your (miss Scammer) isnot going to come. She is going to take cash from you as long as possible.

Occasionally scammers using your desire to come for to make money. As you far away from her country she can take care of you , she can book a hotel for you , she can rent a car. So she ll do her best for to make your stay in the foreign country more comfortable. But you need to pay it forward.

One more well-known scam is treatment. Suddenly you receive the letter from your beautiful lady which is telling you that she or somebody from her family are ill, and it needs a pretty sum for to help them. Obviously In each of these cases scammers go away from your life, after you stop to pay.

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