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First impression

Everything is perfect, beautiful and looks serious.
You register and immediately begin to come invitations to chat with you.
Beautiful ladies, interesting profiles with amazing photos. Very impressive. But you can't answer and begin to chat, because you have to buy credits.

The site is  madly expensive, hundreds of dollars for communication  is robbery, even if you buy the highest amount of credits to get them a the most discounted rate you would still be paying 80 credits to get lady's phone number.  But  you want to find a real love and  think that for your perfect future you're ready for anything! No such luck.

Why 100% scam?

Girls get paid to chat with men.
A former employee from Find-bride let slip about the dark side of this site. Local agencies pay money for this girls for comunication.
Ask any girl to talk outside site, and 100% of times, answer will be NO.

If you don't believe and can't save money for happiness. If you've found a beloved woman on Find-bride.com and  think she realy loves you, just search her on social sites as vkontakte.com and facebook.com. Check out the photos and you'll see her in embrace of young man. Maybe no. But the most part of Find-bride ladies have boyfriends or husbands.

Most girls are scammers. They do not need love and romance, they have everything in real life. They need from you only money.  Find-bride ladies will keep you out in the fools until they receive all of your savings, they  will solicit gifts and just splurge you.

You may ask: But why? Maybe they just need  men's attention? Then see for yourself - create new profile without photos and descriptions, and in few hours you will get  dozen letters about  how handsome you are and how you are loved. And all this, given the fact that  girls have never seen you. Sounds somehow not serious.


Better not mess with this site. Do not waste your time and money on scams. Use secure services, and good luck in searching of your true love!

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