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This type of scam usually use by agency. These agencies generally exist few months .They post profiles with fake pics which were borrowed from other websites. They provide services of marriage agency and offer to buy a contacts of these beauties. Sometimes they propose all information for free but sooner or later they all ask payment for keep in touch with fake lady.


One more type of scam when scammer plays with your feelings and willingness, generally spending a lot of time for to gain the trust.

Certainly its not enough to send just a few regular letters, thats why after casual correspondence lady is going to make you feel special. She starts to write more romantic letters then it was before, she gives to you all what you want. Of course it ll continue until you are ready to pay. Once the scammer feels that she can use your trust you ll receive a letter where you can find a good news,for example she has an opportunity to visit you. Your dreams came true and the only thing you need to do is help her to buy a tickets. You're exciting and you're ready to pay.


The most popular type of scam when scammer sends to you a few regular letters , after your answer (your lady) tries to keep up a regular correspondence, without any concrete information, as soon as scammer understands that she's attracted your attention she starts to ask to cover her expenses. it's could be many reasons why your favorite needs to pay for to keep in touch with you, for example she has to pay for internet , foreign language courses, or her laptop is broken and you can help to buy a new one, so she can freely continue the correspondence with you.


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