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I worked as a translator at night and during the day I studied at the local University.
When I once again asked to return my earned money, they talked about some of the difficulties with the payments.
Then I was informed that our agency was closed for unknown reasons, but promised to pay all the money. It took another five months of empty promises, but I still have not paid anything!
During this time I have a problem with the bank. I was not able to pay my loan because these bastards stole my earned money! I was a victim of this scam, and I have nothing to lose!
If I'm not mistaken, these insatiable animals used my free labor! Although the profit they always get up front. After all, this rule Anastasiadate.com for American men?
To my surprise, I found out that only in the Ukraine suffered more than a thousand of the same translators as I do! Therefore, I feel it is my duty to prevent this outrage all access.
These factors have led to the creation of this blog. We should stop these moral monsters!
Currently I am collecting all the victims of fraud Anastasiasagency.com and soon we will begin to spread in this blog all fraud stories. I believe that these fraudsters do not have to work in my country!
And I hope that very soon the American men who hope to create own family with Anastasiadate.com prefer to work with a more honest partners.
You really have nothing to do on this fucking site. Here is fraudulent!
You are just sheep for which they are cut. Forgive me for the harshness ...
We were just robbed! Don't be suckers! Don't pay Anastasiadate.com!
If you have extra money, then give them to sick or needy people better. So it will be more useful...
"...Ceterum censeo Carthaginem delendam esse"

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