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I’m an average American man. I’ve been divorced for 7 years. Nobody probably wants to live lonely, but just has a soul mate and find somebody to love. I was following my idea to find a women so far I’ve started my search from the Internet. There was a nice adventure began more than 5-7 years ago. I really was looking true love and finally I got it. But … online. It was a nice such an attractive girl from Russia. I don’t want to mention her name but our love story started fast and have been growing each day. She captivated me with her beauty. We were able to talk every day and she seemed to me well educated. Her English was brilliant and we hadn’t any troubles with communication. So far when I ask her about real meeting she agreed but was kind of upset. When I asked her about it she said she had no money for ticket to get the place where we’re going to meet to. No problems I thought and sent certain sum of money to her. But what was big my surprise when later she just disappeared from the global net. I couldn’t find her profile anymore and anywhere. It really made me upset. I’ve heard about Internet fraud but never thought it could be with me. So far I got unpleasant case. But it’s just life experience and now I know what I can do for my best. I haven’t stop looking for a partner. But I know exactly if I want to get somebody to have a relationship first of all I’ll go onto web-site where I can find an information about girls and women who did already some fraud with any men. I just want to say that I’m glad we can get an information about it in order to be careful and avoid bad and stupid situations caused with dishonest persons. And I’m grateful those people who provide us with all necessary details about it. I know I’ll achieve my dream anyway and I want to say to other men- just be careful but believe in love on the Earth.

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