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Nataliya Scammer

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Name aliases unknown
Age 10-05-1978
Phone number(s): unknown
Operates on site(s): unknown


Received: from not (unknown []) 

From: natochka 

X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.3) Professional 




Broadband customers in Moscow 

CORBINA TELECOM Network Operations 

CORBINA TELECOM/Internet Network Operations 

Ryazanskii pr. 30/15 

Moscow, Russia 





Hello xxxxx! 


I am very glad that you have written to me. I waited for your letter. 

My name is Nataliya to me of 25 years. I live in city Novosibirsk. 

I live with mum in 2 room apartment. I would like to tell at once why I have decided to get acquainted on Internet. 

All Russian men are similar. They are adhered to alcohol. It seems to me that where that in other country lives my prince. 

I in it trust. I would like to tell a little about myself. I work in advertising company. 

As I manager on personnel at me am a lot of work. Into my duties enters. 

Preparation of personnel for work. Organization of training on a department. 

Preparation for not diplomaed experts and a training for a new profession due to company is stipulated the express train. 

Skill to communicate, responsibility, punctuality, skill to work. It is necessary me not easily and it to be appreciated a little. 

But it is very interesting to me to work there. I have finished NGTU. I very cheerful, sociable and romantic girl. I very much love summer. 

I often should spend time with friends. We often happen in cafe and we go for a drive on snowboard. 

Good and interesting person is necessary to me. 

With whom I could speak about all. I hope as with you we shall find about what to have a talk. I as take a great interest in dances. 

But now on it already there is no time. I had to appear on stage. I love Britpop music. I would like to get family to me 25 years. 

I think that in a life that is necessary that to change. I would like to set to you some questions. 

Whether romantic you person? Whether you Are interested in sports? Whether there Is at you a dream? I wait for your letter. 







Hello dear xxxxx! 


I am glad that you again have answered my letter. I come from work. In a box your letter it cheers me up. I would like to tell that I have no experience to correspond on Internet. I well know English. But with spelling at me a problem. If I write that that not clearly. To me has bothered to be one. You do not hesitate speak. I write more clearly. Besides it will be to me a lesson of spelling. I wish to share feelings which I tested 2 years ago. I have fallen in love with man. It spoke me pleasant things. Did to me gifts. I thought that I have found person which to me is necessary but there was all differently. I have appeared at it 3 girl. It simply collected them as things. And I have appeared among them. Person which is necessary to me loved only me one. I do not wish to get in the same history. Person with whom I is necessary to me can to get children. I very much love children. And you love children? I ask you to tell about the country about city? In fact I saw it only on TV. I not where was not abroad. I travelled on cities of Russia much. When I was engaged in dances. But now my work does not allow me even it. But me calms that will be fast at me holiday. I worked in an advertising campaign of 11 months. I do not say goodbye to you in hope for a prompt reply. 


Your Nataliya. 




Hello my dear xxxxx! 


I do not stop to be pleased yours to letters. 

When you have appeared in my life to me began to live more interestingly. 

I go from work and I wait that I find your letter in box. Work tires. 

You give me a charge of energy. 

I know about the American football a little. If you were engaged in it earlier. Means you strong. 

I would like to tell about family. 

As I already spoke I live with mum. It works at theatre behind cash department. 

We in city have a good theatre. Opera theatre is one of the main sights and an architectural symbol of Novosibirsk, major theatre of Siberia. 

A building of theatre - a monument of history and architecture - biggest of theatrical buildings in Russia. 

Not for a long time I worked in a supermarket. We advertised sports goods. 

There were many leading different transfers and from me took interview. 

For me it very much is not usual. As I very much like to play bowling. 

And I am frequent with friends visit bowling club. As you know in Russia very cold winter. 

It probably just about our city. But in it to year winter was not so cold. 

I should do very much greater work. Also excuse if I cannot answer you. 

I always remember you know it. I consider as your life very interesting. 

Still I very much love pets. I dream to get a dog. But my mum to me does not allow to make it. 

I think if when be at me there will be a husband. And already with it I think I can agree and my dream to be executed.

Let's present that I your wife. And we live together. Dear I very much want a dog! 

What you to me on it tell? With each letter we learn each other better. 

And this beginning of our attitudes seems to me that. At least I trust in it. 

I do not say goodbye to you. Also I shall look forward to hearing from you. 


Your Nataliya! 

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Russian Federation
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Category: Scammers
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Name aliases: unknown
Age: 10-05-1978
Address(es): unknown
Phone number(s):: unknown
E-mail address(es):: siyanochka@rambler.ru
Scam media:: unknown
Operates on site(s):: unknown
Fake documents:: unknown
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Russian Federation
Categories: Scammers
Category: Scammers
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