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Nataliya Karandina Scammer

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Nataliya Karandina
Name aliases unknown
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Letter 1

This girl contacted me and we started to talk to each other. She was very lovely and she was answering all my questions in a logical way. She was supposed to come to visit me to Spain for a holidays and so she needed money for the passport, visa and flight ticket. I sent her a small amount of money because I was not so sure. With those money she got a passport and the visa. I looked at the documents and they looked real, so I sent her the money for the flight ticket and..... then I had the bad surprise..... I still did not understand how she could forge the visa and passport..... 


Was very glad to talk to you just... And before leaving has home decided to write to you to you pair lines... My love here the passport which we did by you which to me today distances. In travel agency.. Mine the Champion. When I shall arrive at you there will be a Russian very good. My love I now has told to the girlfriend that tomorrow or after tomorrow I shall return to it of money.. That you to me have told it simply in very good impression. From you oh as I am glad that I can you is proud... I so am far and to me already envy that I know you. This just fine.. I love you... You the most good I so are glad to talk to you so long.. My love I shall wait from you for the letter tomorrow... Yours of Malines Natalya 


Natasha Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 10:44 AM 

To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Hello my love XXXXX. I was very glad to hear your voice. And to talk 

to you. My love understand we with you spoke not about money. And 

about that as to us will meet.. My love I was very glad to hear you. 

Your voice. Was at me in a head.. My love XXXX. I am very glad so 

worry. About that as I shall give money. But the girlfriend 

understands me.. I shall give it. When I shall already live at you as 

the wife. Also I shall work and I shall earn. ok??? Do not worry in 

this occasion. My love I could not write to you yesterday. Present. I 

have called to you and at the girlfriend could not include the 

Internet. I to you you remember spoke that it at its very weak) I did 

not know what to do and have gone lady. Today the girlfriend to me 

came and spoke. That you have written sms thanks.. I am very glad that 

you speak me... My love XXXXX. I ask you send me of money. As soon 

as possible. And I at once shall begin preparation. To a trip.. My 

love XXXXX. . I wish to thank for that that you do. XXXXX you know 

I is very glad that you know about Western union.. And I should not 

write to you that to me have told in bank because if to explain it 

much.. My love I wish to remind you that it is impossible to make not 

to me not to you mistakes. In data here my data which you should fill. 

When you will come. In Western Unoin. My love here my data 

Name Natalya 

Surname Karandina 

The country Russia 

Republic Mordovia 

The address Volgograd st. 46--12/3 

Index (zip code) 400067 

Also do not forget to send me the data.. It 

1 code of translation which is at each translation. 

2 the full name 

3 full surname. As you have written in the form. 

From which you have sent 4 city to me of money... 

And as you know all I can remove money. In Western Union at home. In 

15 minutes. Also I shall go all to pay. My love I ask you tell to me 

when you can do translation... What to me to ask for leave from work. 

Now certainly lessons are not present. But I nevertheless should warn. 

The heads. Because I think that on it will leave all the day... And I 

should ask for leave. My love. I wait for your letter. On a self-ohm 

business.. I am very grateful to you. Do not worry I shall not bring 

you.. And when I shall arrive only yours to me who I shall be 

necessary do not worry. It was necessary to ask it. At me to phone I 

to you all would tell. And money here not and. I want to you. I love 

you. But I am simple not much poor. Would be at me money I not for a 

second. Would not think has arrived. I very much am grateful to you.. 

Yours Natalya 

Pagina 1 di 1 Gmail - l love you XXXXX:-* 



Natasha Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 10:43 PM 

To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Hello my love XXXXX... I was very glad to hear you.. So it is a pity 

to me that we with you so far. And you cannot see me such as I am.. 

Through the letter. To not betray all of emotion. And through phone on 

not the Native language... But the god sees. That I actually. Very 

well to you I concern. I shall try to answer you questions... Which 

you so interest I think that you can understand and will see that I do 

not say lies to you... My love XXXXX. You ask me. Where I have taken 

yours Email. Yes I spoke you that at us this agency has opened.. About 

which you already know... Yes it is a lot of people to me it was 

offered.. But I have decided to write to you.. I cannot tell on what.. 

I trust the heart.. And I not when. My intuition did not bring me. And 

now I would go to you that I was not spoken by girlfriends that I not 

so cleverly act. That meal to you not knowing you.. That there are any 

bad cases. Which to me tell. But I trust you... It is very a pity. 

That you do not trust. You ask why I so quickly I prepare for 

documents.. But you probably have forgotten. That I have taken money 

already as soon as we about it have talked to you. 1000 euros... 500 

my and 500 which you will send me I have borrowed from the girlfriend 

and all will be already ready on Monday I shall go to Moscow. To 

Moscow there will go my girlfriend. Because after interview. I shall 

send you. A copy of the visa.. And tomorrow at me the passport will be 

already ready.... Same it is healthy that so all quickly prepares... I 

go as the tourist.. I cannot understand why you speak me about the 

visa for 2 weeks.... To me to tell what to me have made for 2 

weeks????? But I have already told. That it is necessary to me the 

visa for 90 days.... To me to change?????? My love XXXXX I cannot 

understand that who speaks you but I do all through agency. This good 

agency. I go to Moscow for 3 days... I shall pass there all 

formalities.. My girlfriend will be with me. And still there will be 

an agent with me. It will help me to do. I not when was not in Moscow 

and it is required to me of its service. To go to embassy both in the 

airport... And in embassy still all to do....... And after I shall 

send you the visa. I should be given money to the girlfriend. And then 

it will be necessary to me. It to spend on station.. And at once to go 

to aerosweat to fly to you. It will be approximately on Wednesday. If 

I shall go to Monday... But it if all is good. To me tomorrow will 

tell all. I can send you the passport tomorrow already. Which will be 

ready... If it is necessary to you... But I can send. And when I shall 

send me the visa. Tomorrow to me will give the information under the 

ticket. I at once shall write to you. The order of my ticket and when 

I arrive.. And a cord to you to meet me at the airport of Madrid.. My 

love. I would ask you that you have not brought me.. Because at my 

girlfriend it is money for rest... And I should return to it of 

money.. I to you have believed. And I not as cannot bring it.... That 

I to you wish to tell.. In occasion of that. That I can to be with 

whom that with another. . Certainly yes it so.. But I do not wish you 

to lose. And I wish to make all. What to win your heart. You to me are 

very important! I actually very much want to you it is pleasant... 

Also I ask you it is not necessary to run all over me the not trust. 

In fact you on 100 % know that I write to you.. And not who another is 

not necessary to me except for you.. That you not who did not speak.. 

I ask you to understand me. To me too not so to that pleasantly such 

to listen. Because I still shall repeat that my girlfriends too speak 

me that I not clever.. That meal to the stranger. In other country.. 

But in the first letters you spoke me that at you already who that was 

on a visit.. Why at you it has not turned out with it not that?????? 

You still friends??? I very much love you and I think that you to me 

will believe also me will understand. I very much want to you and I 

actually. Very much I wish to arrive.. And the god sees that I not 

when I shall not deceive you... I not such and if our trust will be 

mutual you am fast can in it will be convinced I ask you it is not 

necessary to spoil not that. . I wait for your letters I went with the 

girlfriend on a beach. And I have made a photo.. I think that is 

pleasant to you as you think it not too vulgarly.. You know I so I 

have already got used to write to you write to you. As as if we with 

you are familiar all life. And I very much trust you.. I wait for 

letters my favourite.. Your Natalya 




Natasha Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 7:15 AM 

To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Hello my love... Just would find the cafe Internet that to you to 

write. I went to the underground and I had tears on eyes. To me yet 

when was not so sadly. And so it is sad. My love XXXXXX. You speak to 

me that I went home! Why??? For what you deprive of me possibility to 

arrive to you. My love I ask these have gone to me 1440 euros. And all 

I to you will bring them as soon as it will appear at you in Spain... 

My love I swear that I will not bring. You I have left hotel for 3 

days... I will be here. I cannot believe that you speak to me that I 

went and the visa it very good came to that woman at which at me. I 

have explained all to it what situation at us... And she has told that 

as soon as I will show it money it will plant me on the next flight. 

To Spain. And I will be at you I ask you for God's sake. This money 

has gone to me. I am no time I will not betray you I swear to you it. 

You know that I the believing person and it for me is not simple 

words. I send you the visa which already yesterday was ready. I not 

when did not say lies to you I always wanted only to you and only with 

you searched for an exit. My love XXXX... I ask you do not throw 

me. To me the woman has told that it should not be brought. Because 

all is already issued. It as you understand if we with you bring in 

its embassy. To us after a while to it to address. And hardly to me 

will give still the visa. I ask you to understand me. I love you and I 

wish to swear to you that it is last money which you to me will send. 

I ask you occupy from whom be. This money... I belittle you.... As 

soon as you will send me money I to you I will bring in a day. I ask 

ask for whom there will be no these 1440 euros for 1 days and I swear 

to you I will not bring. You. My love I understand that I to you 

manage expensively. But allow to me to arrive and prove that I want to 

you I do not want your money. I wish to be with you. And all. I 

belittle you... I ask you to understand me... Present itself on my 

place!!!! That you would do. If we with you now do not depart then it 

will be very difficult to arrive to me to you. My love I ask you.... I 

do not know that to me to do!!! I cannot go home. I ask last time help 

me I not when not so I will not ask. And already in a day as you will 

send me money. We will already recollect it with a smile. I ask you 

for the sake of us, for the sake of that as we wish to be together. I 

belittle I to you I will bring this money and for much more money I to 

you will bring the love which to buy for one money of the world. I ask 

to believe!! To understand!! And to forgive me!! I swear I not when I 

will not bring you. Not risk it simply you lend it to me for 1 days I 

will arrive and I will give you this money not where I will not get to 

as soon as I will have a ticket I to you will send a copy you know I 

not when did not deceive you. I love you.... And I wish to be with 

you... Here the visa I already very much nearby ask help me. Favourite 

XXXXX . I very much wish to be already ready at you all and if we 

with you bring this woman of the official. To me it can prevent to 

arrive next time because it will punish... Or can dismiss for it you 

present as it there will be harms on me... It helps us and we it with 

you so we will bring. I ask it is not necessary to do it here in 

Russia the such do not understand and do not forgive... On kindly it 

is necessary to answer with good. I ask help me to arrive to you and 

it will be dissolved in your embraces... Yours Natalya 

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Nataliya Karandina
Russian Federation
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Category: Scammers
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Nataliya Karandina
Russian Federation
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Nataliya Karandina
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Nataliya Karandina
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