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Patience Lonley Scammer

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Patience Lonley
Name aliases unknown
Age 01-01-1979
Phone number(s): unknown
Operates on site(s): unknown



7:55:33 AM 
x: Im here 

7:56:07 AM 
x: Patience ? 

7:56:14 AM 
patiencelonley: hello 

7:56:24 AM 
x: Here love 

7:57:32 AM 
x: Im waiting sweety 

7:57:44 AM 
patiencelonley: ok 

7:59:06 AM 

8:00:01 AM 

8:00:09 AM 
x: Yes here 

8:00:41 AM 
patiencelonley: have you seen me 

8:00:56 AM 
x: You're pretty 

8:01:06 AM 
patiencelonley: thanks 

8:01:33 AM 
x: Im in love already, lol 

8:01:58 AM 
patiencelonley: lol 

8:02:04 AM 
x: And you're 40 ? 

8:02:10 AM 
patiencelonley: so where are your pics 

8:02:19 AM 
patiencelonley: no 

8:02:22 AM 
patiencelonley: 33 

8:02:38 AM 
x: Hold on 

8:02:45 AM 
patiencelonley: ok 

8:04:17 AM 
x: Got those ? 

8:06:05 AM 
x: U used to live in, and ur from Ghana ? 

8:06:31 AM 
x: And I'm 59 

8:07:21 AM 
patiencelonley: ok yep my dad is from us but mum in ghana 

8:07:49 AM 
patiencelonley: i came here last month after my dad died 

8:07:55 AM 

8:08:16 AM 
x: Ok so u lived in Ghana most of ur life ? 

8:08:56 AM 
patiencelonley: no i was with my dad 

8:10:06 AM 
x: You have a real nice shape, and you have no one now ??? 

8:11:05 AM 
patiencelonley: yes 

IM Jan 3, 2013 8:27:43 AM 

8:11:25 AM 
patiencelonley: i have been single for 3 years 

8:12:31 AM 
x: Get outta here 

8:12:52 AM 
patiencelonley: wht 

8:13:20 AM 
x: Its a saying a term, similar to you're joking 

8:13:31 AM 
patiencelonley: ok 

8:13:50 AM 
x: So why may I ask ? 

8:15:02 AM 
patiencelonley: yes he cheated on me 

8:15:21 AM 
x: No, I mean single for 3 years 

8:15:37 AM 
patiencelonley: yes 

8:15:44 AM 
patiencelonley: what about you 

8:17:03 AM 
x: I'm single myself, I have 3 kids only the youngest 9 yo lives with me, his mom is living in the states and we're not going again, do you have any children ? 

8:17:53 AM 
patiencelonley: no 

8:18:13 AM 
x: Wow, that's why u look so good, lol 

8:18:25 AM 
x: So what do u do for a living ? 

8:18:59 AM 
patiencelonley: i work in a shop 

8:19:13 AM 
x: What type of shop ? 

8:20:13 AM 
patiencelonley: we sell shoes 

8:22:38 AM 
x: Ok, so do u have any friends in Jamaica ? 

8:22:45 AM 
patiencelonley: but you look graet 

8:22:59 AM 
x: U mean great, thanks 

8:23:10 AM 
patiencelonley: no 

8:23:26 AM 
patiencelonley: i met jennifer on face book 

8:23:40 AM 
x: Wow, so come down here then on a vacation, lol 

8:24:09 AM 
x: Jennifer is my friend wife 

8:24:24 AM 
patiencelonley: yes but let get to know each other more 

8:24:39 AM 
x: I totally agree with that 

8:25:25 AM 
x: I met a girl from Ghana in November on the net and I'm convinced she's a scammer, so I cussed her out and maybe u might know her 

8:25:56 AM 
patiencelonley: i only came here last month 

8:26:22 AM 
x: So u were in Ghana, right ? 

8:27:43 AM 
patiencelonley: i am now in ghana but i even want to live this terrible country 

IM Jan 3, 2013 8:45:35 AM 

8:28:09 AM 
x: Ur in Ghana now ? 

8:28:45 AM 
patiencelonley: yes i have been here for one month my mum is not ok so she needs a hand 

8:29:19 AM 
x: Tell me if this person is real, I'm not interested but I just want to prove my hunch correct 

8:29:27 AM 
x: Her name is Jemima Manigault says she lives in Accra 

8:29:45 AM 
patiencelonley: how can i know her 

8:30:21 AM 
patiencelonley: what i have observed is that many of the guy here are into scam 

8:30:29 AM 
x: Where in Ghana are u living now ? 

8:31:34 AM 
patiencelonley: i am also in accra lapaz 

8:31:40 AM 
x: So I heard, so u might be talking online to someone but its really a guy who poses as a woman 

8:32:19 AM 
patiencelonley: yes i will nevver marry from this country 

8:32:52 AM 
patiencelonley: i will live here as soon as a man ask for my hand in marriage 

8:33:33 AM 
x: She claims her father has a shop in the National , I can't remember the rest of the name 

8:35:35 AM 
x: I soon tell u where the scammer says her dad has a shop 

8:35:39 AM 
patiencelonley: then you are very lucky 

8:35:45 AM 
patiencelonley: to meet me 

8:36:05 AM 
x: So much so, I'm so glad 

8:36:53 AM 
patiencelonley: really 

8:37:05 AM 
x: Can you give me your telephone # Patience ? 

8:37:13 AM 
patiencelonley: so what are you seeking in a relationship 

8:37:32 AM 
patiencelonley: i love to visit jamaica 

8:37:53 AM 
patiencelonley: i hope you will get me there as time goes on 

8:38:03 AM 
x: Love, respect, trustworthiness, honesty, sincerity and more love 

8:38:28 AM 
patiencelonley: the same here 

8:39:12 AM 
x: So do u expect to go back to the US after a while, or u plan to remain in Ghana ? 

8:39:49 AM 
x: Because I know its very expensive to travel from Ghana to here 

8:42:38 AM 
patiencelonley: i dont want to stay here but i can only live when a man ask for my hands in marriage that what my mum said 

8:43:41 AM 
x: This is an extract from the conversation with that girl: Tell me if you know that place: Jemima Manigault: His name is Frank Manigault and his bussiness is shop no 93 at the national center for arts and culture...sells variety of crafts works,paintings,antiques and a lot more... 

8:44:29 AM 
x: That's from our conversation, I had to dismiss her and cut her off my list early in December 

8:44:57 AM 
patiencelonley: liston bye why are you worring me with this i am now here and my only friend is my mum 

8:45:35 AM 
x: Sorry hon 

IM Jan 3, 2013 9:01:43 AM 

8:45:52 AM 
x: Ok, lets forget about that 

8:46:21 AM 
x: So what do u do in ur spare time ? 

8:47:17 AM 
patiencelonley: i wacth movies 

8:47:41 AM 
x: Those African movies I suppose ? 

8:48:06 AM 
patiencelonley: no american 

8:48:28 AM 
x: Ok, what is the spoken language in Ghana ? 

8:48:50 AM 
patiencelonley: twi 

8:49:05 AM 
x: Ok, so where did u learn English ? 

8:49:14 AM 
patiencelonley: but i cant even speak 

8:49:23 AM 
patiencelonley: schoo 

8:49:52 AM 
x: Yes, I noticed its not perfect but I'll teach u , lol 

8:50:52 AM 
patiencelonley: i mean i cant even speak the twi 

8:51:14 AM 
patiencelonley: i can speak english very wel 

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Patience Lonley
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Category: Scammers
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Name aliases: unknown
Age: 01-01-1979
Address(es): unknown
Phone number(s):: unknown
E-mail address(es):: patiencelonley@yahoo.com
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Operates on site(s):: unknown
Fake documents:: unknown
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Patience Lonley
Categories: Scammers
Category: Scammers
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Patience Lonley
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Patience Lonley
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Category: Scammers
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